GGGI Expert Roster brief

Expert Roster pools are organized based on areas of expertise, functional title, etc. For example Energy expert, Renewable energy expert, etc. Roster pools will consist of experts, who have successfully undergone an assessment process


How do you get on an Expert roster?

In order to be included in a roster, you have to submit your expression of interest to one or more areas of expertise. In case your submission was successful you will be reached out by GGGI and invited to go through assessment. Experts who have successfully gone through the assessment process will be placed on an Expert Roster pool


What is an assessment process?

Expert assessment is an open, transparent and competitive process based on the competencies and criteria required for a specific role. Assessment will normally include technical assignment, panel interview, revision of past work, reference, or other assessment tools as deemed necessary for the role.


How are expert rosters used?

When an expertise for any of the below listed areas is required, Hiring Units will refer to the Expert Roster pool and consider pre-assessed expert profiles to fill-in such requirement.


How do I know if I have been put on the roster?

Experts who are placed on a roster are informed via e-mail of such placement after the decision has been made by the assessment committee.


Application period:

17 February 2016 - Ongoing


Expert assessments:

On ongoing basis


Current Expert pools


Area of expertise



Application details

Energy Expert Renewable energy, energy efficiency, etc. Worldwide Details
Water Expert Wastewater management, water governance etc. Worldwide Details
Green Cities Expert Urban planning, sustainable cities, etc. Worldwide Details
Land Use Expert Deforestation, Agriculture, etc. Worldwide Details
Green Investment Expert Cities and the financing of cities, Design of financial instruments, etc. Worldwide Details
Communications Expert Copy editing, technical translation, etc. Worldwide Details
Startup Advisory Expert Roster Entrepreneurship and startups Vietnam Details